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If you didn't already know, Henson Robinson Company is home to a custom fabrication shop. Our current space is approximately 1,200 square feet. Each day, we have a lot of warehouse foot traffic throughout the space.

We're extremely excited to announce that our fabrication shop is expanding! Our newest addition will be almost five times the size of our current space. The shop is going to be able to take on more custom fabrication projects than ever before.

What is fabrication?

Metal fabrication is the process of transforming metals into specific shapes.

Every time you get in the car, use a tool, or turn on an appliance, you are looking at the result of custom metal fabrication.

Thanks to our incredible technology, our team is able to use top-notch fabrication equipment to get the job done.

Our current shop has:

  • 2 plasma cutting machines capable of cutting up to 3/8” thick material
  • Shear with the ability of cutting 10’ of a ¼ plate
  • An ironworker machine that can punch holes up to 1 1/8” in diameter
  • Fully automated coil line that produces duct with or without insulation

What's next?

This extra space is going to be put to good use!

We'll have even more room to dedicate to:

  • Welding
  • Pipe Prep
  • Pipe Threading
  • Pipe Grooving
  • Hanger Prefabrication
  • Copper Prefabrication
  • Plumbing PVC Prefabrication

With more space also comes more storage for all of our shop's essentials.

Stay tuned for more updates about this awesome new addition to our facility!

About our Fabrication team:

Our team is trained by SMART Local 218 and are experts in welding Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, and Black Iron. We mean it when we say that our team is ready to handle the most difficult jobs... especially with our new space!

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