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Keeping You In Comfort, No Matter the Weather

Too hot, too cold. Living in the Midwest, we suffer through the extremes. But one place you should never suffer is in the comfort of your home. Henson Robinson Company can customize and install heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems that stand up to any extremes and keep your home cozy.

Complete Home Customization

Every home is unique, so your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning solutions should be customized to meet your specific considerations. Our professional technicians will do a full analysis on your home to determine the most efficient options to meet your needs and budget.

No Surprises

After the analysis is complete, you'll receive a written estimate for the equipment and installation costs associated with each alternative we propose. We can even estimate your annual utility bills so you can compare the value of energy-efficient options. And we will always be available to answer all your questions so that you can make an informed decision. Henson Robinson Company is the oldest residential heating and cooling contractor in Central Illinois, serving the community for over 157 years. We offer the knowledge, experience, and expertise in fullfilling all of your residential needs.

For more information, call (217) 544-8451 today! We can help with the needs of your home and family.


An Investment in the Future - Is Geothermal right for you?

Geothermal HVAC systems are an energy-efficient option that will lower your monthly utility bills for years to come, while conserving our planet's natural resources. Learn more about geothermal opportunities by visiting the sites references below, then call us for a consultaion to see if "going green" is the right solution for you.

Rebates, Tax Credits and Incentives

Sustainable Springfield

International Ground Source Heat Pump Association

US Department of Energy - Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

The Daily Green - Tips & Advice


Efficiency and Comfort - The Best of Both Worlds

Heat pumps are a proven, high-efficiency solution for cooling a home and heating it in moderate temperatures. And when things get more extreme, your Dual Fuel System will kick in with a high-efficiency gas furnace that can stand up to the coldest days the Midwest has to offer. 

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