Petersburg Pumbing and Excavating

Petersburg Plumbing and Excavating provides qualified Union Labor for the following: Sanitary Sewers, Storm Sewers, Water Mains, Water Treatment Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Lift Stations (New and Rehab), Directional Boring, Hydro Excavation, Sewer Cleaning, Closed-Circuit Television Inspection (6"-60" in diameter),HDPE Fusing, Casing Bores, Smoke Testing and Manhole Rehabilitation.

Petersburg Plumbing and Excavating is a subsidiary of Henson Robinson Company which provides Commercial Plumbing, Commercial HVAC, Commercial Piping, Commercial Roofing, Service Department, and Residential HVAC services. 

The goal of Petersburg Plumbing and Excavating is to better serve our commercial, institutional and industrial clients underground utility needs. We are proud to carry on their tradition of providing quality, reliable service.

Old Pipes Become New Again:

Old, failing sewer pipes can be rehabilitated without excavation. It’s like plumbing magic!?

If you are looking for cutting-edge sewer pipe lining solutions to repair failing pipes throughout a municipality, county, or private business, you have come to the right place. At Petersburg Plumbing and Excavating, we can now provide innovative products for trenchless pipe lining restorations for pipes with diameters between 8 to 36 inches using Perma-Liner.  Our patented cured-in-place pipe repair systems provide you with a solution to failing underground sewers and pipelines. When your underground sewer piping begins to deteriorate due to corrosion or failure, our products allow you to access the pipe with minimal to no excavation. A resin-saturated felt tube made of polyester, fiberglass cloth, and other materials for resin impregnation, is inverted or pulled into a damaged pipe. Little to no digging is involved in this trenchless process, making for a potentially much more cost-effective and less disruptive method than traditional “dig and replace” pipe repair methods

At Petersburg Plumbing and Excavating, we make trenchless sewer pipe repair/replacement easy, accessible, and cost effective for municipalities, highway departments, private businesses, and contractors. 

Before you dig, call us! Contact us today to discover the Petersburg Perma-Liner pipe lining solution that works best for you! If you have any questions or need any further information, please contact Brian at (217) 321-0036 or brian@henson-robinson.com.?